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"I have travelled all over the world and have yet to find a wax comparable to that of Sarah Louisa's. Even when I lived 25 miles away I would drive back for her professional treatments and immaculate results!"

Mike, Computer System Engineer

"I have been travelling over 200 miles for the last 7 years to see Sarah Louisa. She has the ability to put her clients at ease and professionally perform the treatments and therapies whilst retaining a friendly rapport. There are no treatments like this where we live."


Carefully developed over the last year, our products are destined to become your new favourites. New products will be added each month beginning in January 2017, including foundations, blushers, lipsticks and a full skincare range to name a few.





Ladies Love You Be You



You will experience 4 different deep relaxing face and body treatments including eye pillows, hot towels, aromatic warm water, soft music, candles, fresh fruit and lime water to drink.




Our Signature Perfect Bikini


This is one of our most popular treatments.

You will be left feeling very groomed and hygienically clean without having all the hair removed off the lip. The treatment is also tailored for your personal choice.


Fresh Clean Men


For over 10 years we have been offering male treatments in a salon environment. Time and focus has gone into creating bespoke treatments and techniques. This not only caters for the male market but keeps a man looking like a man.



Truth of Beauty

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